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A Canadian Murder Mystery

By John Hartig

New Crime Series -- Sgt. Benton Wright

Head of the Crooked Harbour,
RCMP Outpost, Newfoundland

You were expecting a website about baseball? Wrong!

Some time ago , John Hartig pursued a project about Baseball Greats and the World Baseball Hall of Fame. That project didn't pan out, but John was stuck with the purchase of two domain names for a couple of years. So he decided not to waste the money on the baseball content, but to use the names, instead, for his own personal websites, as a Canadian author, Niagara web designer and Niagara Scenery Photographer.

Now, to the content of what this website is about -- a new Canadian murder mystery!

Canadian Murder Mystery | Benton Wright Crime Series | DuplicityDuplicity :
This is a new Sgt. Benton Wright Crime novel, written by Vineland author, John Hartig. It is published by Austin MacCauley, a British Company, and as of April 2018, this first of a Canadian crime series is available online. Check out the link to Purchase the Book .

John Hartig invites you into the fictional town of Crooked Harbour and its characters. Crooked Harbour is a little village, which comes to life like Brigadoon, within the pages of this new murder mystery. Nestled on the west coast of Newfoundland, the village is made up of little houses, the "Indian Quarter", called "the Reserve", two churches, and an understaffed RCMP outpost which tries its best to keep the peace. The village has experienced things like elder abuse, poachers, underage drinking, a car theft, and the usual break and entry. But murder? Never! Until it actually happens!

An innocent young mechanic is accused of killing his mother. The real culprit hides under the guise of respectability. He appears to get away with the crime, except for the astute ability of the young man's lawyer and the sharp instinct of the town's RCMP officer, Sgt. Benton Wright.

The plot leaves out any gut-wrenching suspense and graphic details of the actual murder. Instead, Duplicity pursues a tasteful plot development in the gentle tradition of Dorothy Gilman and Agatha Christie. Duplicity is tastefully and simply written by new Canadian author, John Hartig. It's a straight-forward and enjoyable read!!

Canadian Murder Mystery | Benton Wright Crime Series | Duplicity

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