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A Canadian Murder Mystery

By John Hartig

Top Five Picks
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John Hartig

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#1: David Baldacci > Memory Man
Memory Man is about a big football pro, Amos Decker, who incurred a concussion on the playing field. The result? His pro career ended, but a new life began as a super-sleuth began because his brain was re-wired for perfect recall. However, his new career opened him up to some pretty low-lives, so that one evening he found his wife, young daughter, and brother-in-law gruesomely murdered. It took over a year before Decker is called back into the investigation due to his special gifts.


#2: Lee Child > Night School
Night School is a prequel to when Jack Reacher was younger, age 35, and still in the army. Right after his adventure in the Balkans, Reacher is "sent back to school" for a secret mission to trap an American traitor who has something to sell to Islamic terrorists.


#3: Waldemar Guenter > The New Crusades
The New Crusades deals with the murder of Hazirah, who is the victim of an honour-killing. Her brother, Aamir, stabs her to death when most of the family has gone on a supposed picnic to Ball's Falls. Only the younger daughter, Abqurah, does not know what the intention of the rest of the family is. Wally, a scenery photographer, discovers the dead body, and thus, the story unfolds. The novel explores the dark side of extremism in both religions, Isis in the modern day, as well as the Christian Crusaders of the Middle Ages.


#4: Alexander Kucharski > The New Crusades: The Sequel
The New Crusades The Sequel follows the events in the the first novel, with Aamir getting killed and the younger sister, Abqurah, marrying Detective Spencer. The honeymooning couple go to Paris, France, but the time happens to be January 7th, 2014, when the Kouachi brothers kill employees at the Charlie Hebdo Magazine. Then, as hunted fugitives, they continue to threaten the region, while Abqurah and Spencer wonder what they got themselves into for their honeymoon in the City of Light.


#5: Dorothy Gilman > Thale's Folly
Thale's Folly tells the story of an old family house and property, located in the back woods of Massachusetts, a property which had been neglected since Aunt Harriet Thale's death years ago. Young New York novelist, Andrew Thale, is assigned to check the property out and discovers that the old house is inhabited by very strange people, who had been "guests" of the kind-hearted aunt.


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